Technology in the Classroom at St. Mary Catholic School

Technology courses are essential to every Catholic school curriculum. In fact, technology is required to be integrated throughout each course of study from Mathematics to Religion. The use of technology in the 21st century is integral to preparing students for college and career success. Technology courses in Catholic schools cover a variety of lessons including Research and Information Fluency, Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration. All of these units are taught and influenced by the lens of Catholic identity and the dignity of all humankind. 

St. Mary Catholic School believes that technology has the power to enhance teaching, learning, and communication. Through the use of technology the teaching staff will continue its mission of instilling the love of learning and creating life-long learners. Technology provides an avenue for communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and efficiency.  St. Mary Catholic School recognizes that training is an integral part of the school’s success.


One-to-one Computing Initiative

Keeping pace with the ever-changing technological world, our students in grades 5 – 8 enjoy a one-to-one computing environment. St. Mary Catholic School is in its second year of our 1:1 Google Chromebook initiative. Students in grades grades 5 through 7 have Chromebooks that will move on with the student until ultimately being property of the student upon graduation. Current 8th graders enjoy a 1:1 computing environment using iPads. Students in grades Pre-K through 4 have access to iPads as well during specific instructional assignments. 


Computer Lab

The proceeds of the SMCS 2008 Annual Fund were designated to upgrade technology.  Through generous donations and the support of Saint Mary’s Church, the network infrastructure was overhauled, new computers were purchased, and a larger, more efficient computer lab was created. Through a grant from the Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation, SMCS replaced the computers in the lab with new touchscreen computers. More recently the computer lab was updated with state-of-the-art 3D printers as well as LEGO robotics. These continuous upgrades are enhancing teaching, learning, and communication—all benefiting our children.

Technology in the Classroom

SMARTBoards & Interactive Display Screens

Thanks to our HSA Book Fair and donations from the Annual Fund, each elementary classroom is equipped with a SMARTBoard. Several of the older SMARTBoards are being replaced with new interactive display screens in grades 5 – 8 for the start of the 2019-2020 school year thanks to our 2019 Race 4 Technology. Students are engaged in their learning through the interactive activities planned by their teachers.

Middle School Tech Fair

SMCS held it’s 1st Middle School Tech Fair on May 1, 2019. Middle School students displayed their technology projects on which they had been working for the past several months with Mrs. Ellis. Sixth grade students used 3D technology and the 3D printer to create images of a structure from an ancient civilization. Seventh grade students worked on animation technology. The eighth grade students worked with Lego robotics. In addition, students had a research component to their projects. Under Mrs. Karn’s guidance, sixth and seventh grade students created Google Slide presentations that answer research-based questions about their projects. Eighth graders wrote an MLA style research paper focused on an area of robotics and its applications in society.

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