About Us


St. Mary Catholic School, located in Hagerstown, Maryland, provides a Catholic-centered education for grades Pre-K through 8.

Our unique status as the only Catholic elementary school in Washington County calls us to fulfill the mission of the Catholic Church, which is to teach love and service to the Lord and one another.  This message is shared with students of all faiths.  Our Catholic identity is affirmed by communal worship and by acting as a caring community comprised of students, staff, parents, and the priests of Saint Mary Catholic Church.

The goal of academic excellence, supported by the collaborative effort of teachers, instills the love of learning and creates lifelong learners.  St. Mary Catholic School challenges the students academically with a structured, well-rounded course of study with an emphasis on the mastery of basic skills.  Curricular and extracurricular activities promote and provide balance in the spiritual, intellectual, social, personal, and physical development of the child.

Our Catholic identity fosters Catholic faith and Catholic values of honesty, empathy, charity, service, responsibility, respect, and patriotism.  Intellectual development progresses through problem solving activities in a social context, logical presentation of organized subject matter, and the development of strong critical thinking skills.

Respect for self and others is the core of all social interactions of St. Mary Catholic School.  The personal development of students includes self-responsibility, self-esteem, self-expression, and self-awareness.  The faculty and staff instill socially acceptable behavior in order for the students to function within the various authority systems of our country, our community, and our school.  Students are encouraged to be role models fostering an attitude of mutual respect and responsibility.  Structured physical activities promote good sportsmanship, social skills, and an active healthy lifestyle.

Policies of St. Mary Catholic School, which are clearly stated in the Parent/Teacher Handbook, are determined through the joint efforts of the pastor, the principal, the faculty, and school board. Strong cooperation between home and school ensures that the policies are upheld and enforced.

Curricular and extracurricular activities support the concept of the “whole child.”  The Archdiocese of Baltimore provides guidance for curriculum development.  Supportive textbooks, teacher-generated materials, and technological resources enhance the curricula, which is periodically reviewed and revised to ensure consistent scope and sequential learning.  Constructive evaluations by the administration enhance professional growth.  A variety of assessment tools is used to evaluate student progress.

St. Mary Catholic School educators live and express their faith.  The teacher is minister, mentor, role model, motivator, and cheerleader, recognizing individual accomplishments in the school and community.  The teacher inspires the students to achieve their potential by creating a positive learning environment.

Recognizing that parents are the primary educators, St. Mary Catholic School fosters a mutually supportive relationship between parents and teachers.  An active Home and School Association supports and uplifts the parent-teacher relationship.

The close, caring relationship among the students, staff, and parents fosters a family environment at St. Mary Catholic School.  The spiritual atmosphere, enriched by active participation in Mass and prayer, supports every member of our school community in making a successful faith journey and gaining a deeper knowledge of God.

Interested in Learning More about our Catholic School?

In choosing St. Mary Catholic School, you are investing in your child’s tomorrow. For over 145 years students and families have been entrusting SMCS for educational excellence – spiritually, academically, and socially. We invite you to visit our campus in historic Hagerstown, Maryland to learn more about our school as well as our school community.