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Vision & Mission

The Mission of St. Mary Catholic School

Our primary goal is to make saints, equipped to go out into the world to transform our culture and bring souls to Christ. Through a rigorous, student-centered curriculum, we promote academic excellence in all subject areas in order to prepare students to grow in wisdom and be prepared for a college-preparatory or technical high school.

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The Vision of St. Mary Catholic School

  1. Prioritizes the integral formation of the whole person, body, mind and soul, in light of his or her ultimate end and the good of society.
  2. Teaches objective reality, including Transcendent Truth, which is knowable by reason and faith and finds its origin, unity and end in God.
  3. Promotes human virtues and the dignity of the human person, as created in the image and likeness of God and modeled on the person of Jesus Christ.
  4. Emphasizes a synthesis of faith, life and culture.
  5. Develops a Catholic worldview in our students that fosters a deeper incorporation of the student into the heart of the Catholic Church.
  6. Emphasizes Sacred Scripture and a strong understanding of the sacraments of the Catholic Church.

The Philosophy of St. Mary Catholic School

Our unique status as the only Catholic elementary school in Washington County calls us to fulfill the mission of the Catholic Church, which is to teach love and service to the Lord and one another.  This message is shared with students of all faiths.  Our Catholic identity is affirmed by communal worship and by acting as a caring community comprised of students, staff, parents, and the priests of Saint Mary Catholic Church. To learn more about the philosophy of our Catholic School please click on the button below.

Interested in Learning More about our Catholic School?

In choosing St. Mary Catholic School, you are investing in your child’s tomorrow. For over 145 years students and families have been entrusting SMCS for educational excellence – spiritually, academically, and socially. We invite you to visit our campus in historic Hagerstown, Maryland to learn more about our school as well as our school community.