Dear School Family,

Greetings everyone!

To celebrate our first week of school, we are launching this new edition of our weekly St. Mary Catholic School newsletter, now called “The Regina Caeli”, which is the Latin for “Queen of Heaven”, honoring our school patron, Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our Heavenly Mother and Queen. We hope you like our new look.

All summer long our focus has been planning for re-opening, and we will certainly continue to update you on new COVID information in our Nurse Radley’s Health Suite column below.

But now the kids are back, and while we do our best to keep them healthy and safe, our weekly news will shift more and more to what we’re really doing here: helping parents form young disciples of Christ.

The school building is alive again with the voices of children, both on site and on line! The teachers and I are back doing what we love to do, and our SMCS parents have been tremendous with all their support and prayers for a great first week of school.

There’s still a lot to iron-out as we move into the new year, so please keep an eye out for special alerts, Facebook news, and teacher communications. Things may need to change or happen quickly in coming days and weeks, so please keep an eye out, be ready, and continue to be flexible for the great adventure ahead.

As always, please keep our school and teachers as part of your family’s daily prayer.

I’ll finish with a quote from one of our fourth graders at recess yesterday:

“Hi Mr. Nicely, remember my name? I’ve been here since preschool and I’m going to stay here forever!”

God bless.
Mr. Nicely

PS: Yes, I remembered that fourth grader’s name after he gave me the first initial!

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