Interested in making Catholic education affordable?  Participate in the SCRIP program and directly offset your tuition costs by simply purchasing “gift cards” for all your shopping needs.

It costs you no extra money and every amount you spend is returned to you.  A percentage (varies from company to company) over and above what you spend will be applied directly to your tuition costs and deducted from what you owe.  SMCS purchases the gift cards at face value, but only remits the discounted price to the SCRIP company.  The SCRIP company orders the gift cards in bulk at a discount and passes the savings on to us.  The difference between the discounted price and face value (% varies) remains in your account and will be applied toward your tuition costs.  These funds are applied to your tuition at designated times during the year; you will be advised. 

What if I am blessed and do not need to reduce my child’s tuition?
Please participate in the SCRIP program and designate your savings to the Sister Margaret Mary Tuition Assistance Fund.  Help make Catholic education affordable for a family who values a SMCS education and will benefit from your assistance.

How often may I purchase gift cards?
SCRIP orders are usually processed two times per month.  Orders are taken on a Monday and cards are usually distributed by Thursday or Friday of the same week.

What is the catch?
There is no catch!  SCRIP is a gift program that generates “free money.”  SMCS has actually had students go tuition free as a result of their families purchasing SCRIP.

Additional questions?

Read more online: or contact the school’s

SCRIP coordinator:

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In choosing St. Mary Catholic School, you are investing in your child’s tomorrow. For over 145 years students and families have been entrusting SMCS for educational excellence – spiritually, academically, and socially. We invite you to visit our campus in historic Hagerstown, Maryland to learn more about our school as well as our school community.