New Student Referral Program

Feb 9, 2021 | News

Do you know about the New Student Referral Program? Current SMCS families can earn a $300 tuition credit ($100 tuition credit per trimester for enrolled status) for each new student that is referred and actually enrolls in grades Pre-K full day through grade 8 and attends SMCS during the upcoming school year. (Refer a family that enrolls two students and receive a $600 tuition credit. Refer a family that enrolls three students and receive a $900 tuition credit. Maximum tuition credit amount annually is $900). The tuition credit amount for referring a family who enrolls a student in the Pre-K half day program is $150 ($50 tuition credit per trimester for enrolled status).

What does the Referring Family need to do? Families referring a new student must complete the New Student Referral Program. Paper copies of the form are also available in the school’s front office.

What does the Family being Referred need to do? The family you are referring must indicate that you referred them when filling out their online SMCS application for the upcoming school year. The last question on the application asks, “How did you hear about us?” The new family must select family/friend and then type in the name of the referring family. New families cannot add family referrals after submission of the initial online application for enrollment. The name on the new family’s application must match your name as listed on the referral submission form.

Submission deadline: New Student Referral submission forms must be completed by September 15th. Submission receipt will be determined based on the online form submission time stamp or USPS postmark date, as the case may be. Submissions received after the deadline are not accepted.

Distribution of tuition credit: The tuition credit amount will be applied to your FACTS account in three equal amounts at the end of each trimester. The new student referred by your family must maintain an “enrolled” status at the time of each distribution in order to receive your tuition credit. Families who pay their tuition in full before the school year will receive incentive reward checks on the dates listed above instead of tuition credits.

Eligibility criteria: The New Student Referral Program is for parents or guardians who are financially responsible for enrolled students at the time of credit distribution. Family members who are not financially responsible are not eligible to receive this credit. The New Student Referral Program is limited to the referral of brand new families enrolling at SMCS. Families who have already had a student enrolled at SMCS previously cannot be referred through this program.

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