SMCS Keys for Success

St. Mary Catholic School is committed to creating an IMG_0974 (1280x853)environment that affirms the dignity of all persons within the school community. 


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a framework for creating a respectful and safe learning environment that develops individual academic achievement and supports social and emotional growth.  PBIS is a team-based and systematic approach for teaching behavioral expectations throughout the school.  Based on a proactive model, PBIS teaches expectations for appropriate behavior, reinforces and recognizes students who are able to model these behaviors, and has systems in place for students who need additional support.

St. Mary Catholic School has identified three expectations for behavior in the entire school — the classroom, areas outside the classroom (such as hallways, restrooms, offices, cafeteria, playground, school grounds, etc.), field trip outings, after-school care, middle school socials and dances, and HSA-sponsored events.  All faculty, staff, and SMCS volunteers will be made aware of the behavioral expectations and will work to ensure students are consistently getting the same message, regardless of the setting or the adult involved.

The SMCS Keys for Success (our expectations for behavior) are:

– Be Kind and Gentle
– Be Respectful
– Be Responsible

The SMCS Keys for Success are taught to all the students in the school through direct teaching.  Students will be acknowledged for using appropriate behaviors and will be awarded keys throughout the year that may be traded in for various rewards.

The entire school community is needed to be actively involved in order to make PBIS successful at St. Mary Catholic School.

The SMCS PBIS Planning Team members are:
Mrs. Diane McCormick (Team Coach), Mrs. Tina Forsythe, Mrs. Jennifer Karn, Mrs. Patricia McDermott, and Mrs. Stacey Renken


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