Uniforms are a trademark of St. Mary Catholic School.

Flynn & O’Hara Uniform CompanyNational Blue Ribbon School

All uniform items are to be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara Uniform Company to ensure compliance with the SMCS dress code.

Ways to Order SMCS Uniforms from Flynn & O’Hara

Order online:  www.flynnohara.com/register

Order Flynn and O’Hara by Phone:  Toll free 800-441-4122

Enhanced Printing and Promotions

St. Mary Catholic School logo sweatshirts and hoodies are to be purchased from Enhanced Printing and Promotions.

Order online:  Enhanced Printing and Promotions (online orders can be paid for via credit card). If you need assistance, email Lauri Craver at lauri@enhancedpromos.com. A limited supply of discounted SMCS spirit wear is also available. Click HERE for a list.

Uniform requirements are outlined in the SMCS Parent/Student Handbook. Here is an excerpt of the uniform requirements: 2020-2021 Uniform Excerpt from Handbook

Review a Quick Visual Reference here: Uniform Guidelines