St. Mary Catholic School Lunch Program
The Crusader Café

Welcome to The Crusader Café.
All families of St. Mary Catholic School are encouraged to participate in our school lunch program, The Crusader Café. Students enjoy a delicious hot lunch for only $3.75.

Lunch Program
Our menus are pre-set, posted on our website, and sent out electronically each month as part of the monthly newsletter packet. A current menu is always posted in the cafeteria. We offer a daily option, plus vegetable, fruit, and drink. Each day we also offer the following options: hot dog on a bun with the vegetable of the day, fruit, and drink; or fresh made salads (grilled chicken, or meatless) and a roll, fruit, and drink. We prepare food based on student orders, so it is very important that all students place their lunch orders before 10:30 A.M., to ensure students receive the lunch of their choice.

We offer various snacks and ice cream choices. During the 10:00 break, we sell a variety of options including soft pretzels, bagged chips, fresh fruit, and some breakfast items, like fresh muffins and cold cereal. Gluten free snacks and ice cream options are available. Ice cream is sold only during lunch time. Prices range from $.50 to $1.00.
Allergy/Special Needs If your student has an allergy, please forward this information to the cafeteria. The staff needs to ensure your student’s safety while in the cafeteria. You are welcome to read our food labels. You may also speak to Mrs. Brooks, Manager, or Mrs. Shultz, Assistant Manager, in person.

Volunteer Opportunities
We are always looking for volunteers. Helping in the cafeteria is a fun way to earn time toward your Family Commitment hours! Whether you can give us four hours, or one, all volunteers are welcome. Please use Sign-Up Genius to volunteer.
Kitchen helpers: These volunteers work specifically in the kitchen helping with food preparations, serving and clean up.
Dining Hall helpers: These volunteers assist the teacher on duty in the Monsignor Passarelli Dining Hall. Volunteers sell snacks and ice cream, wipe down tables between lunch shifts, clean up and help students with their lunches. These volunteers are needed for all three lunch shifts, especially with the younger students during shift two!
Lunch account payment options and policies

Payment Options
We offer two options for paying for student lunches and snacks.
Option one: Pay as you go—Cash or Check. Pay as you go lunches may be paid for the day of lunch or on Mondays to cover to the lunches your child/children plan to buy for that week.
Option two: Set up a family lunch account. This is a pre-paid account. You pay the desired amount either with cash or check. Your student will have the option to purchase lunch and snacks from this account, unless you tell us otherwise.

Maintaining your pre-paid account
– Once your pre-paid account reaches a zero balance, you will need to put more money on the account for your child/children to be able to purchase lunch or snacks from this account.
– We will send out an email to all families with pre-paid accounts weekly, so you are aware of your balance.
– We ask that you pay close attention to the weekly emails in order to manage your family account.
– Lunch accounts are family accounts. If paying for lunches by check, only one check needs to be sent in to cover lunches for all of the children in your family. Please make checks payable to “St. Mary Catholic School”. Please be sure to note “Crusader Cafe” on the Memo line.
– ***For the 2019-2020 school year, delinquent lunch account will be assessed a $5.00 late fee for every $20.00 past due. This will eliminate the oops lunch policy, as your child will receive the lunch option of the day regardless of the account balance.
We are looking forward to another great year! Please remember you can contact us at any time with questions or suggestions.

Thank you!
Barbara Brooks, Manager
Tammy Shultz, Assistant Manager
(301) 739-7862