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May/June 2021 Menu

St. Mary Catholic School Lunch Program
Sister Corda’s Kitchen

Greetings St. Mary Catholic School Families,

Welcome back to school! Though this year will look different than our usual school lunch program, we are working very hard to provide your child/children with healthy and tasty lunch options that can be delivered directly to their classrooms.

How will lunch be different from years past?  Here are the changes we have made to remain within the guidelines for COVID safety.

  • Lunches will be delivered in a brown bag directly to each classroom.
  • Lunch bags will contain everything needed for that day’s lunch; such as condiments, utensils and napkins.
  • Lunch count will be taken in the classroom, on lunch days, as usual.
  • Each child buying lunch that day will choose their drink when ordering lunch in the morning. That drink will be kept cold and packed in the bag with their lunch.
  • Each day students will be able to order the lunch choice of the day or a hot dog (that day’s sides and drink options included) as an a la carte option.

Lunch Accounts

  • Due to the increases in food prices, the cost of lunch will be going to $4.00.  
  • All accounts must be prepaid in order to buy lunch. This will eliminate daily hand to hand contact with checks or cash. Please send in a check or cash with your students’ name on it. 
  • A weekly statement will be sent. Please check the statement each week to keep your account up to date and paid.

We are hoping to add more days of lunch service. We will be keeping families updated with any changes that may occur.  As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Thank you.

Tammy Shultz/ Manager

Barbara Brooks/ Assistant Manager or
(301) 739-7862


NOTE: Maintaining your pre-paid account
● Once your pre-paid account reaches a zero balance, you will need to add more money to the
account in order for your child/children to be able to purchase lunch or snacks from this
● We will send out an email to all families with pre-paid accounts weekly, so you are aware of
your balance.
● We ask that you pay close attention to the weekly emails in order to manage your family
● Lunch accounts are family accounts. If paying for lunches by check, only one check needs to be
sent in to cover lunches for all of the children in your family. Please make checks payable to
“St. Mary Catholic School”. Please be sure to note “Lunch Account” on the Memo line. **Also,
if the name on your check is different than your child’s last name, please include your child’s
name on the memo line.
● Delinquent lunch account will be assessed a $5.00 late fee for every $20.00 past due.