New computers






Saint Mary Catholic School believes that technology has the power to enhance teaching, learning, and communication. Through the use of technology the teaching staff will continue its mission of instilling the love of learning and creating life-long learners.  Technology provides an avenue for communication, collaboration, problem solving, and efficiency.  Saint Mary Catholic School recognizes that training is an integral part of the school’s success.


  • St. Mary Catholic School has a technology committee consisting of Father Collin Poston (Pastor), Patricia McDermott (Principal), Cathy Ellis (IT Coordinator), Jennifer Karn (teacher), Deb Bockrath (Marketing & Development Director), and Jason Rappaport ( Innovative, Inc. and Parent).
  • The committee’s purpose is to ensure that the school’s goals evolve with the technological opportunities and in line with the budget.
  • This committee will oversee current resources, replacement plans, new technology ideas, and professional development opportunities for the entire school community.
  • By providing and evaluating staff development and increasing Internet and telecommunications access, Saint Mary Catholic School will enable the students to be better prepared for the future; enable the teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum; enable the staff to use technology to increase school efficiency; and enable the entire school community to experience expanded opportunities for communication and problem solving.
  • Through evaluation and planning the technology committee will steer the school toward greater progress each year.

Computer Lab

The proceeds of the SMCS 2008 Annual Fund were designated to upgrade technology.  Through generous donations and the support of Saint Mary’s Church, the network infrastructure was overhauled, new computers were purchased, and a larger, more efficient computer lab was created.  Now six years later, our computer lab is experiencing a refresh.  Through a grant from the Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation, SMCS is replacing the computers in the lab with new touchscreen computers.  These continuous upgrades are enhancing teaching, learning, and communication—all benefiting our children.

One-to-one Computing Initiative

Keeping pace with the ever-changing technological world, our middle school students enjoy a one-to-one computing environment for classes through the use of iPads.


Thanks to our HSA Book Fair and donations from the Annual Fund, each classroom is equipped with a SMARTBoard. Students are engaged in their learning through the interactive activities planned by their teachers.