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Honor Roll

Saint Mary Catholic School recognizes middle school students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Religion, Science, and Social Studies on their Trimester Progress Reports.

Saint Mary Catholic School has established two honor rolls based on quality points earned in the above-mentioned academic areas.  Points are determined as follows:  A=4 and B=3.  Honor roll students must also maintain a grade of Satisfactory or higher in all special area subjects and must maintain a grade of Satisfactory or higher in conduct and effort across the board, including unstructured time.

High Academic Honors are awarded to students earning a total of 19 or 20 quality points.  The student must have all A’s or four A’s and one B.

Academic Honors are awarded to students earning a total of 16 to 18 quality points.  The student may not have a grade lower than a B.

                                                                                                               SMCS Honor Roll 2016-2017

                                                                                                                                 Trimester II

High Honor Roll:

8th Grade:

Lauren Beck, Luke Clement, Olivia Craver, Caroline Dillard, Emma Flint, Lucas Hammer, Nicholas Kornilow, Morgan McMahon, Joseph Mele, Madelyn Ortiz, Jackson Pentony, Yousuf Qaum, Stephen Reiter, and Tyler Tran

7th Grade:

Susan Concordia, Abigail Cushwa, Daniel Duncan, Logan Flanagan, Noah Hall, Saif Khan, Maxwell Larkin, Gabrielle McCafferty, Anna Rohan, Rayan Shahid, Matthew Stine, Hannah Webster, and Zachary Zanetti

6th Grade:

Phillip Aguila, Gabriel Bachtell, Victoria Craver, Olivia Dyson, Brianna Ellis, Noah Karn, Armani Kenney, Jesse Mangalapati, Isabella Muto, Spencer Pentony, Sofia Qaum, Jillienne Smith, Lucy Strama, Erica Weaver, Evan Weaver, and Daisy Zheng

Honor Roll:

8th Grade:

Emma Beal, Owen O’Connor, Niko Piette, Adam Rappaport, and Mason Reed

7th Grade:

Ty Ambush, Lydia Giannaris, Ashley Kenny, and Rachel Rohan


6th Grade:

Elise Bamforth and Michelle Beck