Mrs. Renken's Art Class

Thanks to all the students who participated in my drawing challenge over the summer!  It took me a bit of time, but 20 students, grades k-7, received certificates and prizes based on the number of drawings they completed.

Welcome to ART!!

Why is Art important?

Art stimulates our minds.  Art informs, educates, entertains and enlightens us.  Art allows us to express ourselves when we can’t otherwise.  Art allows us to explore life.  Art allows us to be creative.  Art gives everything around us meaning.  Studies actually show that art makes us smarter!  As one student said last year … “without art our lives would be colorless and boring” 🙂

This Month In ART

We are feverishly working towards our museum exhibit in March.  The paint rack is full of drying pictures and the sink is full of dirty brushes and water!  There is little to no extra space but I Iove it!!

Art Club

Art Club has already completed 2-3 fun projects this year.  In the fall we made 3D cats and pumpkin paintings.  In December we made large glass lights that we decorated with painted snowmen.  This month we started on our museum projects.  I can wait to see how they turn out!




Elementary Art Classes

Elementary art classes will be focused around learning and understanding the Elements of Art.  Students will learn about and then demonstrate their understanding of each element though different art projects.  Our first element will be color.  Students seem to enjoy mixing their primary color paints to make secondary ones. This is always a hit with the younger students!!  In between element of art lessons, we will be working on projects for Square 1, the auction Christmas and Catholic Schools week.  In February each class will do an artist study.  While learning about the artist, they will produce 2 projects reflecting their artist’s style or work.  These projects will be used in the spring for our art show at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts.

Middle School Art Classes

Middle School art classes will focus on learning about the Principles of Art.  These principles will build on the elements that we learned about last year.  In some cases, art projects will combine a principle of art with an element to help students draw a connection.  Students will learn about balance, rhythm, emphasis, proportion, variety and pattern.  They will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through various projects.  In addition, students will complete projects for Square 1, the auction, Christmas, and Catholic Schools week.  In February, students will do an artist study.  They will complete 2 pieces of art based on that artist’s style or work.  These projects will be used in our art show at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in the early spring.

Artist of the Month

January is an exciting month in the art room!  Each grade learns about a new artist and we begin working on projects inspired by those artists. In March, these projects are displayed at our 5th Annual Night at the Museum at the Washington County Museum of FIne Arts. The following artists and their art are explored … (K) Eric Carle, (1st) Van Gogh, (2nd) James Rizzi, (3rd) Monet, (4th) Mary Cassatt, (5th) Picasso, (6th) Georgia OḰeeffe, (7th) Paul Klee, and (8th) Maud Lewis.  

Classroom Needs

I want to say THANK YOU to all of the families who sent in art donations for the year.  I am always so appreciative of the generosity of  school community. If you are still interested in sending in supplies we can always use them, especially Clorox wipes!!



2015 SMCS Art Show at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

Classroom Photos

Enjoy your summer!

Boy did this year seem to fly by!  I have enjoyed all the time I have spent with the students and I am looking forward to seeing them again in the fall. I don't think my mind ever rests when it comes to new ideas and projects for art.  I hope everyone has a fun,...

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Happy New Year!

Welcome back!  Whose ready for SNOW?! Just when I thought I had successfully made it through a busy fall/December in the art room and could breathe, I looked at my plans and winter and spring look just a crazy and packed!!  Oh well, it wouldn't be fun of it was boring...

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Busy, busy, busy!

We have had a few busy months in art class!  Students completed many projects including one for our school's auction and one for our Square 1 fundraiser.  Thank you to all who purchased gifts through Square 1 and those who bid on art projects! The students did an...

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Square 1 Art fundraiser

Every student in Kindergarten thru 8th grade has spent the last few weeks working on an art project for this fundraiser. I am happy to say everything is ready to ship out tomorrow! A flier came home last week letting parents know a little about the fundraiser.  In a...

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Off to a smooth start!

Well, we are in week 3 of art classes and we seem to be off to a smooth start!  Students in elementary school spent the last 2 weeks working on some wonderful self-portraits and middle school students worked on creating identity grids.  This week we will set up our...

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One week to go!

There is less than a week to go and the art room is finally coming together! I am excited to see everyone. I am also excited to see if anyone took my summer drawing challenge.

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This is my 5th year teaching Art at St. Mary Catholic School.  I have been married for 20 years and have 2 children who attend St. Mary. My daughter will be in 6th grade this year and my son will start Kindergarten. I have lived in Hagerstown and now Clear Spring for most of my life … although I was born in Kansas and lived for a year in Maine. I am an alumni of St. Mary and I attended from K-8th grade. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Shepherd University. I love animals, camping and the beach. I have always been a very artistic and creative person and I feel that teaching art is a perfect fit for me! I am extremely excited for another year teaching and learning from your wonderful and creative children!

Mrs. Renken

Art Teacher, St. Mary Catholic School

Famous Artist Quotes

“Every child is an artist.” Picasso