Fourth Grade

with Ms. Poffenberger

Welcome to the fourth grade! I am happy to have you in our class and am looking forward to a great year. As a fourth grader you will have new challenges and responsibilities, as well as increased opportunities to become involved in your school. You may be interested in singing in the chorus or playing an instrument in the school band. You could get involved in the student council as a class representative.



We attend daily Mass as a class on a rotating basis, and First Friday Mass as a school. Religion textbook pages are read and discussed together, important information is highlighted. Projects, music and videos are used to supplement the curriculum. Each chapter is tested; students are also assessed on class participation and projects.

Online activities and review


We use the Saxon Math program which consists of three elements daily:

  1. Power Up – timed drilling of facts, count aloud, mental math and problem solving. Students are tracking their own progress with fact drills by recording the number correct in 3 minutes in the back of their math copybooks.
  2. New Concept – a teacher directed session which includes multiple examples in the textbook and on the smartboard, use of manipulatives where applicable, and lesson practice – written work in students’ copybook based on the new concept.
  3. Written Practice – thirty problems daily that provide both review of former concepts and practice of new concept. Some of each day’s written practice will be completed for homework.

After every five lessons students take a Power-Up Test and Cumulative Test. There are also Performance Tasks, Test Day activities and Investigations incorporated on this day or the following day.

Language Arts

Language Arts includes Reading, English, Spelling and Phonics. We read a variety of short stories as well as a couple novels during the year. Students practice a variety of comprehension skills and vocabulary within these stories and are assessed with a variety of projects, quizzes and tests. Grammar is taught, practiced and tested each chapter and creative writing is included monthly. Spelling units are based in phonics and are tested weekly.

Vocabulary practice

Social Studies

Fourth graders study the regions of the country, using the textbook, Smartboard lessons and other online material. They will be required to learn State Capitals and the location of each State. Students  also study Maryland and take a field trip to Annapolis!

Practice states and capitals

More states and capitals practice

Maryland Counties practice


Fourth graders study Science with Mrs. Dill.

Mrs. Dill’s page


the more you read

About you…..

I am excited to be teaching fourth grade at St. Mary Catholic School. I also taught first grade here for many, many years and Kindergarten and third grade at St John’s in Frederick. I am an alumna of St. Mary as well. I graduated from St. Maria Goretti High School, and earned my bachelor’s degree at the College of Notre Dame of Baltimore (now University of Notre Dame of Maryland). My Master’s degree from Frostburg University is in Curriculum and Instruction.

I am a single mom to two beautiful daughters, Alice and Louisa. On the rare occasions when I find some spare time I enjoy reading, music, photography and traveling.

Ms. Mary Poffenberger

Fourth Grade Teacher, St. Mary Catholic School