Spanish with Señora Renken

Middle School Spanish

Middle school students will meet twice a week this year for Spanish.  The beginning of the year will focus on reviewing basic things students learned last year.  We will increase our Spanish vocabulary using a variety of methods.  They will  be compiling an interactive notebook to help them keep track of all of our lessons. We will practice each day using a variety of games. In addition to increasing our vocabulary, students will learn about different countries each month that speak Spanish. By the middle of the year I would like to have students beginning to read a compilation of short stories in Spanish. The goal of this is to teach them how to use the vocabulary they know to comprehend text written in Spanish.

Student participation is extremely important in class.  Students will be given homework each day that they come into class. The purpose of this homework is to reinforce what we are learning that week. It is important to practice, practice, practice!! I encourage students to practice their flash cards 2-3 times a week in order to help them to increase their vocabulary. It will also help them in class when we play games and do interactive activities with the vocabulary. We will be doing several projects this year as well as learning about and participating in different Spanish festivities like Cinco de Mayo.

Welcome to Spanish


Why is it important to learn a second language?

There are so many great reasons to learn a new language. Believe it or not learning a second language boosts your brain power! It improves your ability to multi-task and also improves your memory. Learning a second language can actually improve your first language! It enhances your performance in other areas of academics. It helps to build your self confidence. It makes you open to other cultures and gives you the ability to connect to the people from those cultures.

This Month in Middle School Spanish

6th grade will be learning about how to describe people as well as learning their first verb – SER (to be).  We will also be learning about subject pronouns.

7th grade will begin the video series “Mi Vida Loca”.  This interactive series will last all year and will review last years material as well as introduce new material.

8th grade will spend a good part of half the year learning about sports. In order to do this we must first start with parts of the body since we use many to play sports!  We spend a month learning parts of the body as well as reviewing -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs.

Elementary Spanish Classes

Elementary school students will have Spanish once a week.  We will be learning lots of vocabulary through singing and a variety of games! Students will continually be creating a set of flash cards that they will add to a key ring as well as creating their own interactive notebook that includes all of our lessons.  In their Spanish folder, they will keep a signature sheet that allows them (and you) to keep track of how many times a week they practice. I encourage them (and ask you to encourage them) to practice at least 2-3 times a week .  We only have class for 30 minutes a week.  The better prepared they are for class, the more fun they will have. Students will have homework every week to reinforce what we are learning.  The purpose of homework is to practice, practice, practice! You can’t learn a language if you only engage in it once a week.  We will also learn about different countries that use Spanish as their language as well as holidays and customs.

This Month in Elementary School

Students in elementary classes will begin the year learning and reviewing greetings. 

Middle School Class Assignments

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Elementary Class Assignments

3rd grade



4th Grade

5th Grade

About Me

This is my 6th year teaching at St. Mary Catholic School. I have been the art teacher here for the past 5 years and I added Spanish to my teaching schedule 2 years ago making this my 3rd year as the Spanish teacher. I have been married for 20 years and have 2 children who attend St. Mary.  My daughter will be in 7th grade this year and my son will be in 1st grade. I have lived in Hagerstown and now Clear Spring for most of my life … although I was born in Kansas and lived for a year in Maine. I am an alumni of St. Mary and attended from K-8th grade. I have a bachelor’s degree in Education from Shepherd University. I love animals, camping and the beach. I am very artistic and love creating things! I enjoy teaching at St. Mary and seeing all of the wonderful things our students can do.

Mrs. Renken

Spanish and Art teacher,

St. Mary Catholic School