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Middle School Mathematics

Mathematics 6, Pre-algebra, Algebra

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Most of Jim Henson’s Muppets are left-handed.

A tree planted in memory of Beatle member George Harrison was killed by BEETLES.



What did the acorn say when it grew up?

Where do prisoners live?


Algebra to Go – A Math Handbook  – Houghton Mifflin Company -(recommended for algebra and pre-algebra)

Math on Call – Houghton Mifflin Company – (recommended for sixth grade)


So, you have made it to the EIGHTH grade and that dreaded course ALGEBRA.  Welcome to both the 8th grade and algebra class.  So, now what —– well, brace yourself for work  – from day one of class. Chapter 1 is a great deal of the basics we covered last year in pre-algebra.  We will be working with variables, grouping symbols, definitely order of operations, equations,  translating words into symbols, sentences and problems into equations and FINALLY  to end the unit – those loved word problems.  Brace yourself word problems play and prominent and large part of the work you will be doing this year.

Also, you are going to be presented with something new this year – 15 minutes at the beginning of each day which will be devoted to math.  During this time we will be covering those subjects that are not really in your text – but definitely on the standardized test you will be taking.  More will be forthcoming on this during next week.  But to answer some of the questions I know you have – yes, you have to do it, – yes, it will be graded, and yes, you will eagerly embrace it.

As you  undoubtedly  remember from grade 6 and pre-algebra, we will be having assignments almost daily.  Rule one in all my classes is “copy the problem when doing assignments”.  The only exception is word problems.  Here it is  not copy the problem but show the process.   A notebook is required and will be graded at the end of the year.  Please purchase a notebook that will hold all your notes and not have to hand in several at the end of the year.  Also DO NOT tear pages out of your math notebook to do you assignments on.  Loose leaf note book paper for assignments – IN PENCIL.  You will also have a project to complete in the spring.  Daily review of work is to your advantage – it sure beats cramming for tests.

Mathematics 6


WELCOME TO MIDDLE SCHOOL!    In the next few days we will be defining a Centillion and Zillion – bet you don’t know the difference.  Our first 2 units should go fairly quickly.  Operations with whole numbers is basically a review and you should need very little work with this objective.  We will put more emphasis on  the concepts of exponents, divisibility rules, order of operations, problem solving strategies, and different types of estimating sums, differences, products, and quotients.


Remember rule #1 –  THY SHALL COPY THE PROBLEM WHEN DOING ASSIGNMENTS – not doing so will lose you points – something you don’t want to happen.  The assignments are very important, as in order to master a topic practice is needed and copying the problem reinforces the process.

REMEMBER  You are required to maintain  a  notebook which will be graded at the end of the year.  This notebook should be for class notes only and you should not be tearing pages out of it for assignments  or doing other subject’s work in it.





Welcome to pre – algebra class.  The textbook looks totally different than last years  – and that’s just the beginning.   We will be introduced to algebra in the first  unit – starting with evaluating mathematical expressions- then order of operations (very important), exponents, expanding the decimal system, review of the basic properties (distributive is very important in algebra) , simple equations, and finally solving word problems.


The number one rule in my class with assignments is “copy the problem”.  There were a few people last year who had trouble with that rule – straighten it out. You will again be required to keep a notebook that will be graded at the end of the year.  Of course, we will be having assignments almost daily. I thought you would just love hearing this again.  Remember I don’t GIVE grades you earn them.   

Algebra Homework

10/17/17 – Page 81 (1 – 30)

Pre-Algebra Homework

10/17/17 – No written assignment – quiz Wednesday 19/18 sections 2-1  to 205

Mathematics Six Homework

10/17/17 – Page 75 (1 – 22)- hold this until tomorrow , then do Divisibility Worksheet columns 2,4,5,8,10



If I could describe myself in several phrases, they would be I am a child of God. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am a teacher. I am a lover of music. I love life and its many possibilities.


My motto:  “HOORAH FOR MATH!”

Mrs. Mentzer

Middle School Mathematics, St. Mary Catholic School


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