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Middle School Mathematics

Mathematics 6, Pre-algebra, Algebra

Think about quotes

All things change, but GOD remains

“Don’t cry because it’s over, SMILE, because it happened.”



Fun Facts

Humans area the only animals that blush.

Baby porcupines are known as porcupettes.

The Chilean sheep-eating plant uses sharp spines to catch passing sheep.



What did the acorn say when it grew up?  Ans: Geometry

What do we use to tie a package for mailing?  Ans: chord


What boils faster – an egg at sea level or an egg on Mount Everest?

Answer: An egg takes 3-4 minutes to boil at sea level, but more than 20 minutes at the height of Mount Everest


Algebra to Go – A Math Handbook  – Houghton Mifflin Company -(recommended for algebra and pre-algebra)

Math on Call – Houghton Mifflin Company – (recommended for sixth grade)


Well, we are half way through the trimester and moving right along.  Tuesday we will be starting unit 3 – Solving Equations and Problems.  The first part of the unit will be using transformations to solve equations – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Multi- transformations, and variables on both sides.  The second half is the fun part – solving word problems using Let statements charts, and formulas (cost, income and value problems..  THEN we get into the good stuff – Polynomials.

We will be doing geometry work during the morning period of 15 minutes – I call it Math 15 – until just before the Christmas break.  You must remember that this is part of your math grade, and believe it or not it will be very helpful when you have to take the Iowa test.  The concepts taught here are not in your algebra course, but are tested.  You will be taking a test at the end of the unit that will be recorded and averaged  in your grade.  I have all the papers you have been completing which will be returned to you for study before my test.

As you  undoubtedly  remember from grade 6 and pre-algebra, we will be having assignments almost daily.  Rule one in all my classes is “copy the problem when doing assignments”.  The only exception is word problems.  Here it is  not copy the problem but show the process.   A notebook is required and will be graded at the end of the year.  Please purchase a notebook that will hold all your notes and not have to hand in several at the end of the year.  Also DO NOT tear pages out of your math notebook to do you assignments on.  Loose leaf note book paper for assignments – IN PENCIL.  You will also have a project to complete in the spring.  Daily review of work is to your advantage – it sure beats cramming for tests.

Mathematics 6


We will soon be starting the units which  entail  operations with decimals.  Besides the four basic operations – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division – we will be  rounding decimals, comparing and ordering decimals, multiplying and dividing  decimals by powers of 10, solving word problems involving decimals, and finishing up with Scientific Notation.


Remember rule #1 –  THY SHALL COPY THE PROBLEM WHEN DOING ASSIGNMENTS – not doing so will lose you points – something you don’t want to happen.  The assignments are very important, as in order to master a topic practice is needed and copying the problem reinforces the process.

REMEMBER  You are required to maintain  a  notebook which will be graded at the end of the year.  This notebook should be for class notes only and you should not be tearing pages out of it for assignments  or doing other subject’s work in it.





We have almost completed unit 2 – still have negative exponents and scientific notation to cover before our unit test.  Then we will be studying factors and divisibility, prime and composite numbers, positive and negative fractions, equivalent fractions, all four operations (+,-.*, and /)  with positive and negative fractional numbers, and fractional and decimal relationships. Hopefully we will have this under our belts by the first week in December.

Math 15, the fifteen minutes we meet in the morning is going well.  Remember, these activities are part of your math grade. As I work with you almost daily, I know how you are working and participating in these activities. At the end of the geometry unit a test will be administered.  Before that occurs, all the papers you have completed will be returned to you for studying purposes.

The number one rule in my class with assignments is “copy the problem”.  There were a few people last year who had trouble with that rule – straighten it out. You will again be required to keep a notebook that will be graded at the end of the year.  Of course, we will be having assignments almost daily. I thought you would just love hearing this again.  Remember I don’t GIVE grades you earn them.   

Algebra Homework

3/16/18 – Page 253 (1 – 32, 35 – 40) , Packet ( problems 37 – 54) due Friday 3/23

Pre-Algebra Homework

3/16/18 – Page 321 Class Exercises (1 – 8), Test prep packet (pp. 86 – 93) due Wednesday 3/21

Mathematics Six Homework

3/16/18 – Worksheet page 60 (11 on), Test Prep Packet – Pages 40 – 47 due Tuesday 3/20


I love fall – too bad we haven’t had it yet.  I just hope we don’t go from the weather we are having now to full blown winter.  I love the changing of the leaves – but my husband hates the raking no matter how beautiful their color.  I love the smell of pumpkin pie, cinnamon apples, decorating my house for Halloween and then Thanksgiving, cooking and having my family for “Turkey Day” and crisp mornings but fair afternoons.

If I could describe myself in several phrases, they would be I am a child of God. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am a teacher. I am a lover of music. I love life and its many possibilities.


My motto:  “HOORAH FOR MATH!”

Mrs. Mentzer

Middle School Mathematics, St. Mary Catholic School


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