Middle School Mathematics

Mathematics 6, Mathematics 7 (accel), Algebra



Think about quotes

All things change, but GOD remains"


"I am only one,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything,

But still I can do something.

And because I cannot do everything,

I will not refuse to do the something I can do."

Edward Everett Hale

From small beginnings come great things.  PROVERBS





Fun Facts

Tap water ran HOT PINK in Coal Grove, Ohio in June 2019

The distance a computer mouse moves is measured in “MICKEYS.”



Which is bigger in area ENGLAND or NEW ENGLAND?

Most people know that the most commonly used letter in English is E.  What's next S or T?






Algebra to Go – A Math Handbook  – Houghton Mifflin Company -(recommended for algebra and pre-algebra)

Math on Call – Houghton Mifflin Company – (recommended for sixth grade)





 Welcome to the EIGHTH GRADE!  We have already taken the first quiz of the year. We are off and running..  The first three chapters, while having a lot of review work from last year also introduces those dreaded word problems which are throughout this book.  I can hear you now -“GREAT”.  I am aiming for us to complete at least the first three units – Introduction to Algebra, Working with Real Numbers, and Solving Equations and Problems by mid- trimester.  So pull up your boots and get ready to do some algebra.

You are also doing work in Math 15.  The unit we are starting with is Geometry.  Algebra has very little it that pertains to geometry As with last year you will be responsible for any and all the work we do in this mini-class and it is part of your over all grade.  Participation here is as important as in your algebra class. 

WALL WORDS. – DON’T FORGET THEM- you will be quizzed on them The arrow points to the word of the week – you have to find the arrow – read the word – learn the definition – all on your own.  REMEMBER, said words will be quizzed on.  You just will never know when..

As you  undoubtedly  remember from grade 6 and pre-algebra, we will be having assignments almost daily.  Rule one in all my classes is “copy the problem when doing assignments”.  The only exception is word problems.  Here it is  not copy the problem but show the process.   A notebook is required and will be graded at the end of the year.  Please purchase a notebook that will hold all your notes and not have to hand in several at the end of the year.  Also DO NOT tear pages out of your math notebook to do you assignments on.  Loose leaf note book paper for assignments – IN PENCIL. AND, YOUR PAPER MUST BE HEADED CORRECTLY AT ALL TIMES. You will also have a project to complete in the spring.  Daily review of work is to your advantage – it sure beats cramming for tests.

Mathematics 6


WELCOME TO MIDDLE SCHOOL!  You have been a member of middle school for several weeks now.  How do you like it?  I am sure you have noticed that things are different from last year.  You  have many more teachers and change classes more often every day.  In your math class you will be working out of two different texts.  Oh boy two books to carry around in your already heavy back pack.  The major text is really different from last year.  It is tough.  But we will get through it and you will be surprised at the amount you learn.  We are about to take the first quiz of the year.  It will be on exponents, and order of operations.  We will then move on to prime factorization, greatest common factor, and least common multiple.  Remember you can do it.

You will doing Math 15 with Mrs. Ward every day from 8:15 until 8:30.  This 15 minutes of math is above and beyond your regular mathematics class, but it is still very important.  Mrs. Ward and I work together on what is being introduced during this time and it is part of your overall grade.

Remember rule #1 –  THY SHALL COPY THE PROBLEM WHEN DOING ASSIGNMENTS – not doing so will lose you points – something you don’t want to happen.  The assignments are very important, as in order to master a topic practice is needed and copying the problem reinforces the process.

REMEMBER  You are required to maintain  a  notebook which will be graded at the end of the year.  This notebook should be for class notes only and you should not be tearing pages out of it for assignments  or doing other subject’s work in it.


So, you are now in pre-algebra. Wonderful.  We are moving at a very nice pace.  You are putting what we worked so hard on last year to good use.  So far the work has been for the most part a review of many of the concepts we have already encountered – simplifying  and evaluating mathematical expressions, order of operations, exponents, basic properties etc. We are half way through the first unit and will be taking a quiz very soon.  The chapter test will  definitely be before the end of this first month.  Our next unit will be working with positive and negative numbers and their operations.

Every week or so a new word will be highlighted .  It is entitled “Wall Word”.  The arrow points to the word – you have to find it  and know the definition of said word.  You will be quizzed on it – but you’ll never know when or how.  It’s a surprise!

Math 15  will be daily in Mrs. Karn’s room.  Remember, these activities are part of your math grade. As I work with you almost daily, I know how you are working and participating in these activities.  We will be starting with geometry and its many components – points, lines, planes, rays, angles and their measure, triangles, polygons, circles congruent figures, and basic constructions. Please try to be here at St. Mary’s on time as we will be starting promptly at 8:15.  I hope.

The number one rule in my class with assignments is “copy the problem”.  There were a few people last year who had trouble with that rule – straighten it out.   Rule two is “head your paper properly”.  Don’t lose points because your paper is not headed correctly and therefore not excepted.You will again be required to keep a notebook that will be graded at the end of the year.  Of course, we will be having assignments almost daily. I thought you would just love hearing this again.  Remember I don’t GIVE grades you earn them.   

Algebra Homework

9/17/19 – Page 25 (13 – 21)

Accelerated Math Homework

9/17/19 – No written assignment – Quiz Wednesday 9/18 sections 1-1  to 1-6

Mathematics Six Homework

9/17/19 – Red Page 43 (6 – 9)  Green Page 13 (10 – 26)

What can I tell you about myself.  Number 1  – I love teaching – I have been doing it for over 50 years  – so I must love it.  I graduated from Hood College back in the “age of the dinosaurs” with a degree in mathematics. In that day, a female getting a degree in mathematics was not popular among many male dinosaurs. There were six of us out of a class of 128 who, for four years, always had 8:00 classes five days a week in our major. Then came my masters degree from Coppin State and an additional 30 hours from Hood which was needed to maintain my certification in Maryland. I have been either attending school (grade 1 through 12, college, and teaching) for a very long time. I guess you could argue that I must be a slow learner – I’ve always seemed to be in school.

Number 2 – I am a wife, mother, and grandmother.  All three of these vocations I thoroughly enjoy.  My husband and I have lived in the same house for 44 years. We have talked about downsizing, but it would probably take us a year or more to pack up all the stuff we have accumulated – and that’s just the basement and attic I am talking about.  My oldest son, Clifford, his wife, Kim, and their son, Parker, live in Colorado.  Parker, is a graduate of the University of Colorado.  My youngest son, Heath, unfortunately is no longer with us. Last year was the most difficult one in my life. I am sure that the rest of my life will be a combination of some half way good days and really bad days.  My husband and I are staying very involved in Jathan – his son- and Hayden – his daughter’s lives. Jathan who graduated in June of this year and is attending college while Hayden is attending Boonsboro High School as a freshman.

Number 3 – I love music – all types. I love singing.

Number 4 – I love animals especially my Russel Terrior – Ruby.



Mrs. Mentzer

Middle School Mathematics, St. Mary Catholic School


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