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Challenging the Mind - Living the Faith


Mrs. Hilmoe



I am excited to announce that Mrs. Jen Flanagan will be joining me in kindergarten this year as my new assistant. Jen has 2 children that attend St. Mary Catholic School and I am looking forward to her working with us in the classroom.

I will be sending letters out to the parents and the children on August 1st. The parent letter will have the list of the staggered start for the first week of school. The student letter is a welcome to our classroom letter. Be looking for it in the mail.

Please keep in mind that I will have purchased all of your child’s stationary needs and will have those items for the children on the first day of school. You will need to pay your stationary fee the day you pick up your packet at the school. The cost of everything including the bookbag for kindergarten is $30. No backpacks, please. You will be able to choose the color handle on the bookbag and decorate it any way your child wishes. Please be sure that you have your child’s name prominently on the bookbag.

You will notice at the bottom of this page I have divided the class into Red group and Blue group. These are the groups that are used for the specials classes. I do not have a finalized weekly schedule yet, but once I do it will make more sense. I will give you a list that will show what day red/blue groups have each of their specials including gym and library. On your child’s gym day they will need to wear his/her gym uniform and on library day they are required to return the book they borrow from the library each week. More info. to follow.

If you have any questions, please send me an email. I am accessible and will promptly reply.

Enjoy the few weeks of summer we have left!



Group 1 Monday Group 2 Tuesday Group 3 Wednesday
Leona A. Daniella A. Blair B.
Maura B. Jillian B. Nicholas C.
Kennedy C. Trenten C. Gemma C.
Samuel D. Abigail D. Peyton G.
Vincent D. Chloe K. Kaylee K.
Charles H. Gabriel M. Michael M.
Landon H. Cecilya P. Juliet R.
Lauren L. Alexander S. Wesley S.
Philomena O.

Keys for Success

Our Keys For Success is a Positive Behavior Intervention System. This is a school wide program which focuses on the positive behaviors we want to see around the whole school. There are 3 keys for success; they are 1) kindness and gentleness 2) Respect, and 3) Responsibility. Each key has a color; pink, yellow and green. Students are awarded keys when they are “caught” displaying these behaviors. There are classroom awards for reaching goals of a certain number of keys. There are also school wide rewards. The program will be explained to the children and we will focus on a different key each week at the beginning of the year so the children understand the behaviors we want to see displayed.

In kindergarten the students each have a necklace so that they can wear their keys to success during the day and be recognized for achieving good behavior.
The school also has Good SAMS. Good SAM stands for “Service, Attitude, and Manners”. This award is given to one student per grade, per month. You may have seen the students recognized in The Herald Mail. Each month we choose a student who has displayed these traits and they are announced as the Good SAM. Again, we explain this to the students so they understand the expectations.

About Mrs. Hilmoe

I am very excited to be teaching at St. Mary Catholic School as
the kindergarten teacher. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to teach
your children. This will be my 10th year working at St. Mary,and my eighth
year as the kindergarten teacher.I earned my Master of Arts in teaching in
Dec. 2006, my undergraduate degree is in social work. Prior to completing my
degree I was the 3rd and 4th grade aide, and the first grade aide after
completing my student teaching in first grade.

I have been married to my husband Monte for 26 years and we have 4 children.
Andrew, Aric, Adam, and Annemarie who have all graduated from St. Mary Catholic School. 
I, too, graduated from St. Mary School, but I won’t say how long ago.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and working with your children.
Thank you.
Mrs. Hilmoe


My Philosophy:
It is my desire to create a classroom environment which is nurturing yet
structured, fun yet educational. I believe that all children have the
ability to succeed given the right tools and opportunities.

I ask that God bless all of us as we begin this new year. Our school prayer
says a great deal about who we are as a school. We begin each day with this

Dear Lord
We offer to you today
all our thoughts, words, actions, efforts, good will, and love.
Open our minds and hearts to knowledge and wisdom.
Help us to be the best persons we can be.
Give us the courage and strength to stand up for what is right and treat
each other with kindness and gentleness.
We thank you for all you have given us.
We ask you to bless our parents, teachers and ourselves as we begin this new
day at St. Mary Catholic School.

Mrs. Hilmoe

Kindergarten Teacher, St. Mary Catholic School

About Mrs. Flanagan


    I am excited to have the opportunity to work as Mrs. Hilmoe’s assistant in kindergarten. I have enjoyed volunteering throughout the school for the past 7 years. My 2 children attend St. Mary Catholic School. Logan will be in 7th grade and Delaney in 1st grade. I am looking forward to working with your children.
Mrs. Flanagan

Kindergarten Assistant, St. Mary Catholic School

Leona A.
Blair B.
Jillian B.
Kennedy C.
Gemma C.
Abigail D.
Charles H.
Chloe K.
Lauren L.
Michael M.
Cecilya P.
Alexander S.




Daniella A.
Maura B.
Nicholas C.
Trenten C.
Samuel D.
Vincent D.
Peyton G.
Landon H.
Kaylee K.
Gabriel M.
Philomena O.
Juliet R.
Wesley S.



If you were unable to attend the kindergarten orientation on Tuesday, please add your information to this Google Spreadsheet.

Good SAM’s


Good SAM stands for Service, Attitude, and Manners. Each month a student in each homeroom is selected who displays these characteristics. I will post the student’s name and picture in this space each month.

Our May Good SAM is Lance Sweet! Congratulations Lance!




Homework papers are stamped “homework”.

The reading folder will be sent home twice a week with a “decodable reader” or “phonics reader”. Please have your child read the book to you and assist as needed. Sign the signature page and return the book in the folder  to school tomorrow. The leveled reader will also be sent home as part of the homework one night. It will be in the reading folder as well.

As always, if you have any questions please send me an email.

***Please practice “flashcards” on a daily basis and return them to school. There wil be times that we will use them in school to play games. We also will be adding to the baggie every week or so, and need to have the baggie to keep all the words together. We will be adding new words this week. Please review the current words.

Please complete all assignments in pencil and have students color the pictures.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. All my email comes to my phone so I will reply as soon as possible.
Mrs. Hilmoe



Classroom Needs

Packs of sponges for sponge painting. 
iTunes gift cards for ipad apps. used in the classroom
Cheap white paper plates dessert and regular size
Zipper baggies (gallon, snack, and sandwich size)