Enrolling your children in St. Mary Catholic School enables them to experience a long-standing tradition of academic excellence that is rich in spiritual formation. Choosing Catholic Education is truly an investment in their future!

Through the spiritual and financial support of St. Mary Parish, SMCS is committed to keeping Catholic education affordable. Tuition assistance is available to Catholic families through their local parishes. SCRIP is the absolute best way to earn money toward tuition by simply using gift cards for all your shopping needs.  Start saving now!  

Pre-K – 8 Tuition Rates for 2020-2021 School Year


  1st Child

2nd Child 3rd Child 4th Child

St. Mary’s & St. Michael’s Parishes*

(Pre-K 4 Full Day – 8th Grade)


$5,450 $4,650

Discount based on available funds

Catholics belonging to other Parishes

(Pre-K 4 Full Day – 8th Grade)


$6,450 $5,470

Discount based on available funds

Other Faiths

(Pre-K 4 Full Day – 8th Grade)


$7,250 $7,250


Pre-K 4

(Half Day Option)

$3,800 $3,800 $3,800


*  St. Mary’s Parish subsidizes the school.

Additional Fees: New Student Application fee: $100 (due upon submission of application), New student registration fee: $250 (due upon acceptance of enrollment), Returning family re-registration fee: $300 per family due January 24, 2020 (increases to $350 per student January 25, 2020), Art Fee: $5 per student (due upon start of school year), Health Fee: $75 per family (due upon start of school year), HSA Fee: $50 per family ($55 for late payments), Chromebook fee (grades 5-8): amount depends on grade, Mandatory Fundraiser: $70 each trimester or $210 opt-out fee (per family), Family Commitment: 10 hours volunteer service per trimester and/or $30 per hour opt-out fee (per family).

Method of Payment:

Tuition, Health Fee, and Art Fee are invoiced through FACTS (https://factsmgt.com/services/tuition-management/):

  • Lump sum by July 10
  • One half in July/Remainder in December
  • Monthly (July through April) with payment due by 10th of each month